2022 Modern Communications Compliance and Security Report

Theta Lake’s fourth annual global survey shows that both the adoption of productivity-boosting modern communications, and the associated risks and regulatory scrutiny over their usage, show no signs of slowing.


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The pace of adoption for collaboration channels such as video and chat, as well as specific platforms including Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Webex, Zoom and Slack. 

Evolution and trends around communication preferences such as email vs. chat and video

The top perceived collaboration usage risks, such as white boarding, screensharing, the transfer of files via chat and more.

The top gaps in legacy compliance solutions and the extent to which collaboration investments are underutilized due to those limitations. 

Based on a comprehensive survey of 500+ respondents spanning financial services, healthcare and local governements, the report uncovers the top concerns that are on the minds of IT and Compliance professionals, while offering a variety of practical recommendations that organizations can take now to enhance their compliance program.