Key Compliance Considerations For The Shift To Cloud Voice

White Paper:
Key Compliance Considerations for the Shift to Cloud Voice

How Cloud Voice brings significant advantages, but also risk to modern communications

This white paper dives deep into the evolving landscape of digital communication governance. The shift to cloud-based voice platforms is revolutionizing communication and collaboration in businesses worldwide. Ensuring compliance and oversight in this new cloud calling environment is crucial due to recent regulatory enforcement and related security, privacy, and operational concerns.

This white paper explores the compliance considerations for the shift to cloud voice and provides key insights for organizations:

  • The regulatory requirements for cloud voice in industries like financial services.
  • The importance of adopting a Digital Communications Governance (DCG) strategy to create a future-proof approach to all cloud communications.
  • The compliance considerations for different types of cloud voice platforms, including contact centers, trader voice, and enterprise voice.
  • The advantages of using cloud-native compliance tools, such as Theta Lake's Risk and Compliance Suite.

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