Cool Vendors: Action, Not Just Reaction, Is Key to Coolness

Innovation is proactive, not reactive

Experts: Janelle B. Hill, Adrian Leow, Daryl C. Plummer, Rita L. Sallam

Innovation is not happening for most organizations. Instead, they are reacting to disruptions. Savvy CIOs know that success is less about the innovative technology and more about taking actions at the right time.

To leapfrog competitors, it’s increasingly necessary to explore relationships with less-established Cool Vendors. Many startups around the world warrant attention. Without the willingness to take chances, traditional companies and governments will not find unique opportunities to exploit.

This special report explores how Cool Vendors are:

  • Driving entities to solve problems in new and disruptive ways
  • Taking advantage of intelligent technologies to create and scale emergent business and societal opportunities
  • Using new technologies to be more effective and secure

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