Weekly Demo Webinar
Maximize UC ROI by Transforming Recordkeeping
Thursdays at 8am PST / 11am EST
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Learn how fast and easy it is to layer Theta Lake’s solution onto your favorite communication platforms to alleviate compliance concerns and transform recordkeeping. See how to capture, search, and analyze unified communications (UC) while leveraging your existing archive, e-Discovery, & compliance platforms. Join us to learn:

- How to get started with your UC modality of choice - such as chat, video, voice, in-meeting chat and much more.

-  How content is captured, displayed, and preserved in native format including emojis, reactions, images/GIFs (text extraction), voice, screen share, and more.

- Previews of reconciliation reporting that verifies completeness of archived records that is demonstrable to auditors and other parties.

- The power of internally developed & managed integrations which include 100+ UC and collab supported channels.

See how Theta Lake can help your business.

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