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Theta Lake’s compliance and security solution enables customers to unlock the power of modern communication tools and bring peace of mind to all stakeholders – including compliance, IT collaboration, security and end-users. Our multi-award winning cloud-native platform was purpose-built for the challenges of today’s increasingly digital and distributed world of work, and includes certified integration partnerships with the world’s leading unified-communication and online-meeting providers such as Webex by Cisco, Microsoft 365 and Teams, RingCentral, Salesforce, Symphony, Verint, Vidyard, Zoom, and many more.

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Meet with Our Team:

Marc Gilman, General Counsel and VP of Compliance at Theta Lake
Marc Gilman is the General Counsel and VP of Compliance at Theta Lake. Marc brings a wealth of experience to Theta Lake, where he advises on technology, privacy, and product strategy. Marc is also an adjunct professor at Fordham University School of Law where he teaches a course on compliance, technology, and financial services.
Prior to joining Theta Lake, Marc held legal and compliance roles at Morgan Stanley and was a litigation associate
at Schiff Hardin LLP.



About Theta Lake:

Compliance & Security for Modern Communication Platforms. Theta Lake empowers organizations to safely, compliantly, and cost-effectively expand their use of communication platforms to support the way people work today. Legacy solutions can be supplemented with a modern digital compliance suite that includes archive connectors, compliant archiving, ML/NLP-based security, data protection, and risk detection across video, meeting eComms, voice, chat, and mobile messaging.


Learn More About Our Partnership with Vidyard:

For regulated industries, adopting video for sales and marketing means navigating requirements to retain, review, and supervise those videos. Ultimately, tapping into the benefits gained from Vidyard means organizations must have video compliance oversight in place. Theta Lake provides that oversight with an AI-based compliance, review, governance, and archiving suite for Vidyard. Our solution eliminates the complexity of video compliance review for your sales and marketing videos.  Learn more about the Vidyard and Theta Lake integration

Vidyard Integration