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Archiving Electronic Communications in Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams Meetings

What you'll learn in the white paper

It’s clear that regulated industries need to retain and supervise electronic written communications (‘eComms’) - which include in-meeting chat, polling and Q&A, across tools like Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams. The goal of this white paper is to provide simple guidance on how to solve the compliance challenge and unlock the power of your meetings in 2022.

It includes a practical 6-Step Self Assessment Checklist to help organizations evaluate their current ability to leverage modern communication eComms in the most compliant way possible. Content includes:

  • The Regulatory Compliance Challenge
  • The Practical Impact On Organizations
  • What to Do About These Challenges
  • The Theta Lake Selective Archiving Solution
  • The Solution in Action: A Case Study

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Enable & Archive What You Want

Archive and supervise eComms like in-meeting chat without having to archive or record voice or video.

Choose, and Search, Your Archives

Archive and search in Theta Lake’s SEC 17a-4 compliant storage or your existing archive(s) and ediscovery systems.

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Quick, Easy & Transparent Deployment

API integration deployment doesn’t require network or device changes and is transparent to end users.