Cloud enabled unified communications -- also known as unified communications as a service, or UCaaS -- brings many benefits to financial institutions by creating more efficient and effective means of communication, enhancing their customer relationships, and improving productivity and employee engagement. Incorporating a comprehensive platform that includes messaging, video, and phone offers both employees and customers numerous options for engaging in conversations and making financial decisions. Because unified communications open more channels for communication, banks and investment management companies are able to meet customers where they are and via their preferred methods of interacting and communicating, while empowering employees to work productively from any location.

Join speakers from Theta Lake, RingCentral, and Deloitte as they discuss how a unified communications strategy can help drive value for your company by:

  • Improving and personalizing the customer experience
  • Increasing availability for real-time conversations and taking action
  • Managing risk and regulatory compliance
  • Enhancing internal communication for better collaboration and faster decision-making