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ZK Research:
Unlock UC Usage Constraints

Today’s organizations employ multiple unified communication platforms and leverage multiple modalities like text, voice and video to achieve success in the modern workplace. Usage and expansion of modern communications is set to explode in the coming years.

Because of the accelerated change in the new ways that workers collaborate, new compliance challenges and risks have also surfaced. In response compliance teams have said “no” to embracing new functionality, reducing the ROI and productivity that can be attained with unified communications. In this white paper, readers will learn how to overcome inertia to maximize employee engagement and lower compliance risks with Theta Lake.

Read this white paper to learn how:

  • The new compliance challenges organizations face as an outgrowth of modern communications
  • Meeting compliance requirements and maximizing employee experience & productivity can be a balancing act, and why it doesn't have to be
  • Theta Lake can seamlessly integrating into your communications infrastructure to accelerate compliance readiness for UC

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